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About Us

WR.UP® Freddy

Feel gorgeous and desired, be the object of envy, always up to the task. Wearing a WR.UP® means bringing up your curves in a natural way, rewarding yourself with an experience of femininity and sensuality you won’t get along without. Colours, washes, lengths and different details to perfectly match with every personality.

The WR.UP® Secret

The exclusive WR.UP® technology enhances your femininity through a shaping and embracing action on buttocks, thighs and waist, providing a perfect shaping effect on the most delicate points of your legs. Everything perfectly mixes and matches with the softness and comfort of jersey, an undisputed excellence of Freddy. Shaping the perfect pant.

The WR.UP® technology

is the result of an accurate research, certified by numerous exclusive patents, and, among others, it includes: - a silicon strip inserted inside the belt to improve adherence to belt line; - an ultralight silicon membrane, inserted in the hip/thigh area, for a modelling effect; - an insert on the buttocks with a special anatomic and curved shape, designed especially to produce a push-up effect; - a special conformation of the crotch that, together with the materials and seams used, adheres perfectly to the line between the buttocks producing a further push-up effect.

WR.UP®: The must have Launched in October 2012, in a very short time WR.UP® has become a real must-have for all those women who sensitive to the latest trends and who always want to be desired and up to the task in every situation. Today you can find WR.UP® in various cuts, colours, washes and with different inserts, designed to give you the most of sensuality.

WR.UP® Denim: the one and the only

The last revolution labelled Freddy: WR.UP® wears Denim, reinterpreting one of the garments women like most. Long or 7/8, skinny or with a zip, WR.UP® Denim keeps its distinguishing touch between vintage and used-style, typical of jeans items, enriching it with the sensuality and femininity typical of the WR.UP® technology and of Jersey fabrics. Be the first to buy the exclusive WR.UP® Denim. WR.UP® Sport: The Art of Movement The WR.UP® technology finds its way in sports thanks to WR.UP® Sport, corsair-style pants in D.I.W.O. (Dry In Wet Out) that meet all the needs of an item designed especially for your training, made to flawlessly enhance your shape. VIPS LOVE WR.UP® WR.UP® is readily becoming the most sought after pants for Celebrities! Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Abbey Clancy, Lea Michele, Hayden Panettiere, Eva Longoria were just a few of the names recently photographed wearing them.